The Top 10 Cigarette Smoking Effects

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We all know that cigarette smoking can have some very negative effects on your body but you may be surprised at how far reaching it can actually be. Let’s take a more detailed look at what these are.

Lung cancer. There was a time when this was a heavily disputed issue between the medical community regarding whether or not smoking cigarettes leads to lung cancer. This is no longer the case as we have too much information pointing in that direction. Yet, so many people still smoke thinking that they will not in fact develop lung cancer or close their ears and refuse to acknowledge the data.

Emphysema. If you have ever spent time walking on a cardiopulmonary unit in a hospital then you know that you do not want to end up with emphysema. Smoking will lead eventually to emphysema in most cases.

Circulatory issues. Among the top 10 cigarette smoking effects, it is the circulatory problems that develop as a result of doing this. This can lead to many other serious problems over time.

Shortness of breath. It is just about impossible to be able to have the same lung capacity as a non-smoker if in fact you participate in sports. Clearly, smoking can lead to a shortness of breath that can sometimes lead to conditions such as asthma.

Bad breath. Complex chronic halitosis is usually an accompanying result of taking in of nicotine. You can eat as many lifesavers and chew as much gum as possible but it is very difficult to remove smoker’s breath.

Nicotine stains. This surely fits in the top 10 cigarette smoking effects. If you smoke long enough then you probably already know that the yellow film that covers the fingers and other parts of the mouth are due to taking nicotine.

Teeth stains. Inhaling smoke will also lead to a Browning or yellowing of teeth.

Decreased stamina. There is also a positive correlation between smoking and decrease amount of energy.

Dizziness. This is especially true for newer smokers but also can affect people who have been doing so for long. Over time, the oxygen does not get to the brain in the same way that it would for a non-smoker.

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