Nicotine Gum For Your Nicotine Addiction? Quit Smoking The All Natural Way With Cig-arette

brukket sigarett
E-sigaretter kan få deg til å kutte ut tobakken på dagen.

How hard is it to break the Nicotine habit? Nicotine addiction has been compared to heroin and cocaine addiction in severity-the worst part, the withdrawal and the craving. If you’ve tried to quit cold turkey, then you know about the irritability, impatience, hostility, anxiety, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, headaches, and most of all, the craving. Remember “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”? After 24 hours going cold turkey, I’d have run a marathon to find a butt at the bottom of a trashcan with a couple of hits left on it. (Well, actually, when I was smoking I couldn’t have run around the block-but I know from experience all about scrounging for a butt in the trash.)

Most smokers who have tried to quit smoking cold turkey have tried and failed more than once. I can’t count the number of times I quit smoking. Finally it dawned on me that I was going to need some help in beating my addiction to nicotine. Why don’t people look for help sooner when trying to quit? With me, and I think with most smokers, there is a real love/hate relationship with cigarettes. For a long, long time, I knew I needed to quit-but deep down, I don’t think I really wanted to quit. Don’t bother looking for aids to quitting smoking-you’ll be wasting your money-until you really, and I mean REALLY want to quit.

Okay, so you REALLY want to quit. Should you try one of those popular nicotine gums or patches? All I can say from experience is that it didn’t work for me. I tried the gum and the patches and quit smoking for about a month each time, but since the gum and patches contained nicotine, I never got off the actual drug I was addicted to. A good friend of mine did quit smoking with this product, but he became addicted to the gum-an even more expensive habit!

What about a prescription drug? By all accounts, the popular drug Chantix works quite well and contains no nicotine. As with all prescription drugs, however, there is the risk of side effects. If you prefer not to go the prescription drug route, there is an excellent alternative: the all-natural supplement, Cig-Arette.

The Cig-Arette program is a 60-day plan that includes a kit with four different herbal formulas, each specifically designed to help address the worst symptoms associated with quitting smoking: withdrawal from nicotine, cravings, and bodily stress. With the Cig-Arette System, most people begin to feel free of nicotine in just seven days, making it much more likely they will complete the program and quit smoking for good.

Two of the four formulas contain potent herbal extracts that calm the body during nicotine withdrawal. One of the key ingredients, Lobelia, interacts with your nervous system in a manner similar to nicotine, but without being addictive. A third formula contains ingredients specifically selected to help alleviate stress and help the body recover from the damage smoking has caused it. The fourth formula is an aromatic liquid that you carry with you and inhale every time you have a nicotine craving. Just put the opened bottle under your nose and take several deep breaths until the craving is satisfied.

Let me tell you just a few benefits I’ve realized by quitting smoking: I have better stamina and physical endurance; I’ve recovered my senses of smell and taste; I personally don’t smell like an ashtray; I don’t have those ugly stains on my fingers and teeth; no more burn holes in the furniture and on my clothes (and no risk of burning the house down by falling asleep in bed with a cigarette in my hand); I’m not killing my family with second-hand smoke; I’m not killing myself by indulging in a known cause of cancer and heart disease; plus, with the cost of cigarettes these days, I’m saving a ton of money!

You have your own reasons for quitting smoking. I urge you to write them down. And give Cig-Arette a try-it really works. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by acting NOW!

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